Who We Are

Total Plastics manufacturers high-quality plastic products for distribution across South Africa. With its Head Office based in Boksburg, Gauteng and a state-of-the-art factory in Eloff, Delmas, Total Plastics specialises in plastics manufacturing which meets both industry and international standards.

The company manufactures these highly-specialised products through the use of an automated, computerized blow moulding machine. The Tincoo DHB100 120L blow moulding machine is able to manufacture products of up to 100L in volume or 6kg in weight. If the weight and litre ratios are correct, we will be able to create any product to the exact specifications and dimensions needed as long as there is a blow-mould supplied.

Total Plastics products are all made of high-density polyethylene which makes them extremely durable, robust and hard-wearing.

John’s wife, son and daughter and thanks to his years of dedication, the business has grown into what it is today – a family-run, highly motivated SME.

The company began with a mere seven staff members and has now grown to over 15 employees. Total Plastic’s Eloff-based Factory runs 24 hours a day, making sure they are able to produce the highest quality of product in the shortest amount of time.

John’s vision for the company was to grow a small family business into a large manufacturing company and to take the blow moulding and plastic manufacturing industry by storm.

The ethos of the company is an open-minded one, believing in empowerment for all its staff from the GM to its factory staff. Everyone is treated equally and everyone is considered family.

Total Plastics is a proud BEE Level 4 Contributor

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